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  • Multi-function, time, date, day of the week, temperature display are all displayed to meet various needs.
  • High-quality materials, gentle wood and delicate cotton-like material, give you two completely different comfort experiences.
  • LED digital display, soft lighting, clear and not dazzling.
  • USB powered DC 5V/500MA: The built-in battery retention time display program runs internally but is not visible.
  • Time setting: In the time display mode, press the SET key to enter the setting mode, the sequence is year, month, day, hour, and minute. To set the hour, press the SET button to enter the hour setting, the hour zone flashes, press UP/DOWN to increase/decrease, after the hour is set, press the SET button to enter the same minute setting as before. After setting the minutes, press SET to return to the time display screen.


  • Material: MDF + PVC + wood / imitation cotton and linen
  • Power supply: directly plug in (DC 5V / 500mA-1000mA power supply), built-in 8000mAH lithium battery
  • Size: 195 * 25mm